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Jacqueline Battle: Licensed Alabama Resident Title Insurance Agent since 2012


As an Alabama Licensed Title Agent since 2012, My competitive advantage is the direct sales approach to the consumer/owner. Studies show that the general consumer is unaware of Title Insurance and its purpose; yet, a lender's policy is purchased with every mortgage loan. The lender's policy only covers the lender's risk of loss due to title issues. Very few mortgagors are aware of the benefit of an owner's policy. I specialize in educating the mortgage loan consumer concerning the benefits of the owner's title insurance policy this way the lender's interest in the title history is protected and so is the "Owner's interest".  I specialize in serving both the Lender and the Owner Title Insurance Policies. In addition to educating the mortgagor about the benefits of owner's policies, the Homeownership Plan Curriculum I offer to my customers also cultivates their understanding of the vital importance of title history. 

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